Todd has been fascinated with creative writing since he was young. He co-wrote an original musical comedy  while he was in high school and received writing awards since he was a teenager.
He wrote for the Harvard Lampoon in college and a legal journal in law school.  As a practicing attorney he has achieved distinction in crafting appeal briefs and has lectured on persuasive writing.
One of his works, “Quick Chills,” was featured in the Minneapolis Fringe Festival in 2001.

He has completed three full-length horror novels:

1.  The Undead President
       The Undead President delivers a fresh take on the zombie genre, with the added twists of a political thriller.  The President is assassinated, revived, but returns undead. Rather than a proliferation of walking dead spread by disease or radioactivity, this is a tale of calculated plotting from inside the White House. There are genuine horror chills and zombie menace, as well as political satire as the Administration struggles to rationalize the President’s increasingly bizarre behavior. 
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2.  Blood Appeal 
       The premise is high concept: a lawyer who is literally a vampire. It’s not easy being a lawyer, especially for a vampire. N. Merritt Price writes brilliant appeal briefs but leaves the courtroom appearances to his partners. He keeps a low profile and is discreet in feeding – no drained bodies. His reclusive life is oriented on protecting his secret, but comes at a cost. When another drinker appears, and is not discreet, all his careful planning can’t keep him from becoming a target of both the police and self-appointed vampire killers. 
       "As Price emerges from seclusion, connects with two females as something more than prey, and tries to win one last big case, he has to choose between withdrawal or engagement, between disappearing while he can or confronting the monster in his path and the ghosts of his past"........ Click to read a sample.....
3.  Gareth A Living Nightmare 
       A modern gothic tale about a gargantuan deputy sheriff's descent into a nightmare.  This wildly original yarn delivers classic horror with the added dimension of a legal thriller, a city erupting into madness, the silent pale Liverpool who snatches trick-or-treaters, and at the eye of the hurricane the unforgettable hulking Gareth, whose rigid code of control breaks down as his appetite grows more insatiable.
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